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iPhone 4 Replacement Battery Removal Pull Tab w/Adhesive | eBay

what is a battery pull tab

Battery tab ripped off, how can I remove still? - iPhone 5 - iFixit

Usually, I don't want to admit to being stupid. But I received my FIRST Droid, the X, via FedEx. When I opened the back to install the battery, there was a tab that said to "Pull". Thinking I was smart enough to read directions (if anyone wants to question my intelligence I can post verifiable proof of my IQ), ...
Is there any way to get a replacement battery pull tab? The adhesive holding mine to the phone is worn out and will not stay in place. Click to Play! what is a battery pull tab


3 Easy Ways to Remove the Battery from an iPhone - wikiHow

Before using Roomba for the first time, you must activate the robot by removing the yellow battery pull tab. Charge Roomba overnight before using. Your robot model may vary, the battery pull tab will be in all Roomba series. If you have a Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery, place Roomba on the Home Base® to wake up the robot,.
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After a few delays, I was finally able to get my hands on Motorola's new 4.3″ Android smartphone, the Droid X. This is a really impressive phone, but there is one thing you need to watch out for when you first use it: the “Pull” tab is not meant to be removed! Before you insert the battery into the back of the.
I sent my iPhone 5 to Apple for repair because of display problems relating to the battery icon and because the phone kept turning itself off. I was then told that they would not repair it because the battery pull tab was missing, even though I never tampered with the phone, or never gave it to any third party to ...
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Removing the battery pull tab before first use.
Disclaimer: Boring Video. I actually tore the pull tab to remove my battery from my iphone 4s. They sell the.
Ninjatabs - Don't pull on your discharge or balance wires to get your battery out of tight spots on your planes. Tab it!
In another embodiment, a pull tab battery removal apparatus for removing a battery from a portable computing device is disclosed. The pull tab battery removal apparatus comprises a pull tab configured to be disposed between a battery and a casing of the portable computing device, where the pull tab is ...

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Seriously cannot pull the battery tab out of the remote : oculus

Community Tested What is a battery pull tab Methods: This wikiHow teaches you how to remove a battery from an iPhone by disassembling the phone.
Removing the battery yourself will void your warranty.
If your phone is still protected under warranty, you should just take your phone into an Apple Store to have the technicians there fix your phone for free.
Make sure the iPhone is turned off.
Failing to turn off the phone can result in a shorted can what is online gaming wiki for />To turn off your iPhone 7, press and hold the Lock button on the right side of the phone's casing, then slide the slide to power off switch at the top of the screen right.
Remove the Pentalobe screws from each side of the Lightning port.
The Lightning port is at the bottom of the phone.
You'll need a 3.
Place a gentle heating pad on the bottom of the iPhone 7.
Doing so will loosen the adhesive that holds the screen in place, which will allow you to lift the display up later.
Leave the heating pad for five minutes before proceeding.
Place a on the front of the iPhone.
Place it at the bottom of the screen, directly above the Home button.
Pull up on the suction cup to lift the screen.
The screen should only lift a fraction of an inch away from the case.
Pulling too hard may rip the display from the case, so be gentle.
Insert your spudger into the space in the lower-left corner of the iPhone.
There should be a space created by gently pulling up on the suction cup, and your spudger should fit snugly into the gap.
Slide the spudger up the left side, then repeat on the right side.
Twisting the spudger back and forth should gently pry the screen away from the phone's casing.
Do not use the spudger near the top of the phone--there are plastic clips that hold the top of the screen in place, and doing so will break them.
Instead, only move the spudger about halfway up each side.
Lift the screen up to form a ten-degree angle with the phone's case.
Lifting the screen any higher than this will break the fragile display cables, so err on the side of caution when doing this.
Slide a thin card or guitar pick along the top of the iPhone.
Doing so will unstick the last of the adhesive there.
Pull the screen down toward the bottom of the phone.
You should only have to pull it a few millimeters down to clear the plastic clips at the top of the iPhone Open the display to the right.
It should fold open like a book, with the interior of the iPhone now exposed and the still-connected display and screen face-down to the right of the case.
Remove the four tri-point screws from the lower display bracket.
This silver bracket is on the lower-right side of the consider, what is delayed redemption vanilla mastercard quite interior; there's a ribbon connecting it to the display part of the phone.
You'll find four screws attaching the bracket to the phone, three of which require a 1.
Remove the display bracket and set it aside.
You'll see two black strips of plastic beneath it: one running parallel to the battery, and one running perpendicular.
Use the spudger to lift up the perpendicular plastic strip.
This strip is the battery connector; detaching it will disconnect the display from your iPhone's battery.
Use the spudger to lift up the parallel plastic strip and the grey strip beneath it.
Doing so will detach the ribbon here from the iPhone's interior, thereby disconnecting one of the two display ribbons.
Unscrew the bracket over the second display ribbon.
This silver bracket is at the top-right corner of the phone's interior.
You'll find three tri-point screws here: one 1.
You should see another black piece of plastic that's perpendicular to the battery; this is the connector for the second display ribbon.
Use the spudger to pry up the connector.
Doing so will remove the second display ribbon from the iPhone's interior.
Remove the two Phillips + screws from the barometric vent.
This black bracket is in the bottom-left corner of the iPhone's case.
You'll find a 2.
Remove the barometric vent.
You should now be looking at the Taptic Engine's connector, which is a black piece of plastic like the rest of the connectors you've unattached so far.
Pry up the Taptic Engine's connector with your spudger.
Doing so will disconnect the Taptic Engine from your iPhone's logic board, which will in turn allow you to remove the Taptic Engine.
Remove the three Phillips screws from the Taptic Engine.
All three of these screws are 1.
Lift gently the Taptic Engine out of the case.
With the Taptic Engine out of the way, you're finally ready to remove the iPhone's battery.
Peel back the three adhesive strips from the bottom of the battery.
You'll want to use a pair of needle-nose pliers or tweezers for this step.
Pull one of the adhesive strips toward you.
Do this gently, since wrinkling or tearing the adhesive strip will make it extremely difficult to remove your iPhone's battery.
After enough pulling, what is a battery pull tab strip will slide out from under the battery.
Pull the other two strips out.
Make sure you're holding down the battery while pulling out the last one so that the battery doesn't get ejected from the iPhone's interior.
Remove your iPhone's battery.
At this point, you can place a new battery in the iPhone, or let the phone dry as needed if it has suffered water damage.
Make sure the iPhone is turned off.
Make sure the iPhone is completely turned off, not just in Sleep mode.
Press and hold the Power button, then swipe the slider to turn the iPhone off.
Remove the two Pentalobe screws on each side of the Lightning port.
This is the charging port at the bottom of the iPhone.
You'll need a Pentalobe P2 screwdriver to remove them.
You'll want a strong suction cup that can help you separate the display from the case.
Pull up firmly on the suction cup to separate the display from the case.
You just want to create a very small gap between the display and the rest of the shell.
Pulling too hard can damage the display, so pull with a firm, constant force.
Use a plastic spudger to pry the case apart.
A spudger is a tool with a flat end, much like a flathead screwdriver.
Insert the spudger into the space created, and then gently work the display apart more.
Move the spudger around the case 6S and 6S Plus.
Sliding the spudger up the right and left sides of the case while gently twisting it will help pry up the screen.
Swing the display up using the top as a hinge.
Once you've pried the lower portion of the screen from the case, you can swing it up so that the screen is at a 90° angle from the case.
You can prop it up on a book or box to keep it in place.
Find the battery connector bracket.
If you're looking at the battery, the connector will be on the left side, about a third of the way from the bottom.
The connector is covered by a rectangular piece of metal with two screws.
Remove the two screws holding the connector bracket.
Use a small 000 Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws holding the bracket into place.
You'll be able to lift the bracket out, revealing the connector.
Pop the connector off of the logic board.
Use your spudger to pop the end of the connector off what is the best rpg game on ios the logic board.
Be careful when doing so, as removing the entire socket will break the iPhone.
Remove the screws from the display cable bracket.
This bracket can be found in the upper-right corner of the open iPhone.
Take the screws out and remove the bracket.
Make sure to pay attention to which screws went in which holes.
The iPhone 6S has four.
Disconnect the camera cable.
This is the large connector at the bottom of the area you revealed when you removed the bracket, with a cable leading to the display.
Use the spudger or your fingernail to gently pry the connector from the socket.
Be careful not to remove the socket as well.
Remove the other connectors in the same area.
There are three other connectors that need to be removed what to bet a guy the same area.
One is directly next to the camera cable, and the other two are revealed when you disconnect the camera cable.
Separate the screen from the rest of the case.
Once the connectors what is a battery pull tab all removed, you can separate the screen from the rest of the iPhone.
Use tweezers to peel the adhesive off the bottom of the battery.
These adhesive strips help keep the battery in place.
You'll find them along the bottom of the battery.
Gently pull the adhesive out and away from the battery.
The adhesive runs along the other side of the battery.
Pull it slowly out until you've completely removed it.
Heat the back of the iPhone with a hairdryer.
Use a hairdryer and blow on the backing of the iPhone for about a minute.
This will weaken the rest of the adhesive that is holding the battery in.
Use a plastic card like a credit card to pry the battery out.
After removing the adhesive strips, you'll need to use a firm plastic card to pry the battery off of the remaining adhesive.
Stick the card in between the left edge of the battery and the what is a battery pull tab of the case, then gently pry it out.
Replace your battery and reassemble your iPhone.
Once your battery has been removed, you can replace it with a new one and put your iPhone back together.
Make sure that all of your connectors are firmly reseated in the correct ports, and that you put the screws back in the same holes that they came out of.
Remove the two Pentalobe screws next to the Lightning port.
This is the charging port at the bottom of the phone.
You'll need a Pentalobe P2 screwdriver to remove these screws.
Secure a suction cup to the front of the phone.
Press the suction cup onto the screen, just a bit above the "Home" button.
Apply enough pressure to form a tight seal.
Pry the rear case down.
Lift the suction cup upward with one hand while pulling down on the rear case with your other hand.
Once enough of a gap forms, slide a plastic opening tool in between the two halves and pry the rear case away more firmly.
Disconnect the Home button before opening the iPhone completely 5s only.
If you have a 5s, you'll notice a cable leading from your Home button to the bottom of the iPhone.
If you separate the two halves too quickly, you'll break this cable, which will make your Home button useless.
Open the iPhone so that the display is at a 90° angle to the base.
Use the top as a hinge, and rest the screen against a book or a box at a 90° angle so that you can work on the insides without holding it.
Don't let it open further, or you may damage the cables connecting it.
Remove the two screws holding the battery connector bracket in place.
This bracket can be found about an inch up from the bottom of the phone, directly to the right of the battery.
Use your screwdriver to remove the screws surrounding the cable bracket.
Then, use your fingers to lift the front panel assembly cable bracket from the logic board inside the rear case.
Disconnect the battery from the logic board.
Use a spudger or your fingernail to pry the connector out of the socket.
This connector was protected by the bracket you just removed.
Be careful not to pull the socket out with it.
Disconnect the digitizer display.
To make things easier, you can remove the display so that you don't have to keep it propped up.
Make sure to note which screws go in which holes, because it is vitally important that they return to the same ones.
Make sure to not pry the sockets off of the logic board.
The 5 has three cables, the 5C has two, and the 5S has three.
Peel the adhesive back from the bottom edge of the battery.
You'll see a black tap stuck to the bottom of the battery.
Peel this back to reveal two strips connected by the black tab.
Cut the black tab to separate the adhesive strips.
You'll see that the two strips have space in between them.
Pull each strip out from the bottom of the battery.
Grip and pull one of the strips out and then to the side.
Pull at a slight angle out from behind the battery.
Continue pulling while running up the side of the battery, until the entire strip is free.
Repeat with the other strip on the other side.
Heat the back of the iPhone if the battery does not come out.
There's a good chance that the battery is still stuck to adhesive residue.
Heat the back of the iPhone with a hairdryer for about 60 seconds.
Gently pry the battery out with a credit card.
Use a credit card, or similar strong plastic card, to pry the battery out after heating it.
Make sure to not bend the battery itself when prying it out.
Replace your battery and reassemble the iPhone.
Once your battery has been removed, you can replace it with a new one and reassemble all of the pieces.
Make sure that all of your connectors are securely fastened, and that all of the screws went back in their original holes.
Remove the screws at the bottom of the iPhone.
You can find them on either side of the charging port.
The iPhone 4S uses Pentalobe screws, which require a Pentalobe P2 screwdriver.
The iPhone 4 may have Pentalobe screws, or it may have 000 Phillips screws.
Slide the back plate up and off.
Grasp the iPhone in both hands, placing your thumbs on the back plate and your fingers on the screen.
To minimize the risk of damaging your screen, apply most of the pressure using your thumbs, and focus the pressure toward the bottom or top of the back plate rather than at the center.
If you cannot lift the case off with your fingers, you can use a small suction cup to lift it off.
Remove the screws from the battery bracket.
Use a 000 Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws around the battery bracket.
This bracket can be found to the left of the battery, at the bottom.
These screws hold the battery connector to the logic board.
Pry up the battery connector.
Slide a plastic opening tool beneath the metal connector next to the battery.
Lift it up to release it from the logic board.
You can do this using the same plastic opening tool.
If you do not do this, you risk sending the clip flying as you remove the connector.
You only want to remove the connector.
Lift the battery out.
Pull the plastic tab from behind the battery to lift it out.
You may need to use a stiff credit card to help pry it what is a battery pull tab the adhesive.
There is an adhesive holding the battery to the rear case, so you will need to use considerable yet directed force to lift it out.
Replace your battery and reassemble the iPhone.
You can put your new battery in and then reassemble the iPhone.
Make sure that all of the connectors have been reattached, and that the screws have gone back in their original holes.
Remove the two bottom screws.
Use a Phillips 00 screwdriver to remove the 3.
Set them aside in a safe spot.
Lift open the front panel.
Place a sturdy suction cup on the screen, just above the "Home" button.
Once it has a secure hold, lift it straight up with one hand while holding the bottom of your iPhone with the other.
The top panel should come right off.
There is a rubber gasket between the front bezel and back assembly, so the two halves are fit together fairly tight.
Instead, lift it up and rotate it so that it rests at a 45 degree angle from the bottom of the phone.
Disconnect the ribbon cables.
While holding the front assembly open with one hand, use your other hand to disconnect the black ribbon cables labeled "1," "2," and "3" with a plastic opening tool.
If you pull it up from the right, you could damage the ribbon connector.
Cable 3 will rotate up about 90 degrees.
This should allow you to remove the entire front assembly from the back case.
Remove the SIM tray.
Insert a SIM eject tool into the hole next to the headphone jack in your phone.
Press down until the SIM card tray pops out, and continue sliding it out with your fingers to remove it.
Disconnect ribbon cable 4, 5 and 6.
Slide your plastic opening tool under each connector to pop them up and open.
Remove the screws surrounding the phone and battery.
There will be eight screws: five 2.
Slide the flat tip of the plastic opening tool beneath the camera.
Apply slight yet even pressure to pop it up and out.
The bottom will still be connected to the logic board.
Pry up the bottom end of the logic board.
Slid the tip of the plastic opening tool beneath the logic board at the dock connector side.
Lift the logic board up carefully and slide it out toward the dock connector end of the phone, removing it completely.
It's delicate and can break easily, so you need to be extra careful.
Lift the battery out.
Slide the plastic opening tool beneath the battery.
Lift the battery up to remove it.
As a result, you could end up bending the battery or otherwise damaging it if you attempt to remove it without being careful.
This can weaken the adhesive bond, making it easier to remove the battery.
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Try opening the iPhone up entirely by removing the screws at the bottom and opening it up; that should clear the way to the button for you.
Turn it off, try to get as much water out as you can, and wait until it completely dries.
See this what is a battery pull tab on for ideas.
If it isn't functioning properly after letting it dry, contact Apple support.
Keep the screws separated as well, so you can easily recall which ones belong in which spots.
Otherwise, you could zap yourself and cause damage to your phone.
If you still have a warranty on your phone, it's better to have professionals remove the battery free of cost.
If not, however, removing the battery yourself can be much cheaper than a professional repair.
A metal tool can damage your phone.

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