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payout figure definition

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Definition. A taxable payment declared by a company's board of directors and given to its shareholders out of the company's current or retained earnings, usually quarterly. Payouts are usually given as cash (cash dividend), but they can also take the form of stock (stock dividend) or other property.
A payout is a sum of money paid to a policyholder when a claim is accepted. With many life insurance policies the only benefit received is a lump sum payout on death. An immediate annuity begins regularly scheduled payouts within one year of purchase.Missing: Click to Play! payout figure definition


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These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'payout.' Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback.Missing:
WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Once we receive your Full Discharge Authority, we will: 1. Instruct our solicitor and trustee to prepare a Discharge of Mortgage in readiness for settlement;. 2. Prepare a firm payout figure, once a settlement date has been set and agreed to;. 3. Appoint a solicitor to attend settlement on our behalf.

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... to settlement. When this is finished the bank will certify the file ready to book. Generally the bigger banks can book for the next business day, the rest want between 2 – 5 clear business days to book. This is the time they “need” to prepare the payout figure for settlement. Image by @Doug88888 via Flickr.
Definition of payout in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is payout? Meaning of payout as a legal term.. the public perceive payout rates for life insurance to be much lower than they actually are; they estimated that 50% of claims were paid out when the true figure was actually ...
It's important that you get an accurate figure for paying out your loan, called the 'payout figure'. This is because the loan balance shown on your statement, in NetBank or in the CommBank app may not be the full balance required to pay out your loan. It might not include interest that has accrued during the ...
payout figure in Chinese : 支付数字…. click for more detailed Chinese translation, definition, pronunciation and example sentences.

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This differs from payout percentages or return to player (RTP) figures, which provide information on how much of a cut the house (the casino, bookmaker or gambling provider) takes from a machine, game or casino table, averaged out over thousands of plays. For instance, an RTP figure of 90% would indicate that a ...
Definition of Insurance settlement in the Financial Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia.. income before insurance settlement proceeds, News America related legal expense and tax benefit", the figure for Three Months Ended December 31, 2010 should read $434,000 (instead of $4 434,000).
(1996a). It consists of a sample of 600 UK manufacturing firms during the period 1984 to 1990. In panel II, the definition of the payout ratio is nevertheless different from the German one. It is defined as gross dividends divided by zero distribution profits gross of depreciation. In parentheses, we report the dividend payout ratio ...
Definition 2.3 The casino payout or casino or house odds for a wager or event, expressed also in the form X : Y, means that the casino will pay you winnings of $X for each $Y you wager. A quick study of. Let's now take a look at all of the types of bets and payouts for American roulette as depicted in Figure 2.2. A bet on a ...

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payout figure in Chinese - payout figure meaning in Chinese - payout figure Chinese meaning - victory-casinos.top English Chinese dictionary

Updated April 25, 2017 Although securities brokerage and wealth management firms have long since shunned the term "broker" in favor of "" or something similar for their sales force, the phrase "broker payout grid" has persisted in common usage.
In short, what is called the grid is the essential driver of financial advisor pay, especially in the traditional scenario of.
Pay can be a very complex calculation, with a variety of factors contributing to the final amount.
How the Grid Works The financial advisor payout grid at the typical brokerage firm offers a double incentive to earn more production credits PCs or commissions.
Not only does earning more production credits translate into higher financial advisor pay, but also at a higher overall payout rate.
Herein lies a particularly powerful example of that double incentive to increase production alluded to above.
Types of Products Sold Some firms have extensive exceptions to the grid, with sales of certain types of products given special payout rates.
For example, a firm may give special incentives to sell in-house mutual funds, equity new issues that itor securities of which it has excess inventory that it is eager to reduce for purposes.
These exceptions and bonuses can be permanent or temporary.
Temporary sales bonuses traditionally have been referred to as "flavor of the month" promotions.
The concept of offering special sales incentives for certain products, especially in-house products, has come under increasing fire since they can put the financial advisor's interests at odds with those of his or her clients.
As a result, some firms have done away with such special incentives, and tout their "open architecture" approach that leaves the financial advisor undistracted in seeking the best investment vehicles for the client.
Calls for securities firms and financial advisors to be subject to the more stringentas opposed to the looser that traditionally playing in online bound them, often have cited practices such as "flavor of the month" promotions as evidence that extreme reforms are necessary.
Asset Gathering Even when financial advisor pay is driven by transactions and production credits or commissions, payout figure definition than by an asset-based fee, most firms nonetheless supplement the payout grid with incentive pay for asset gathering.
The strategic imperative is to have as much of a client's total as possible on deposit payout figure definition the firm, whereby the firm is bound to maximize the payout figure definition that it can earn from that client.
See our discussion of.
Asset gathering awards typically are based on the net increase from year to year in the payout figure definition assets in a financial advisor's client accounts.
Some firms may adjust the asset gathering figure to reflect just the net deposits of new funds and securities to client accounts, removing the impact of fluctuations in value.

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